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Alfa Power, Alfa Lover, Detonator Gel, Priapus

Implemented on 06-01-2023:

  • Alfa Power
  • Alfa Lover – SK, MX
  • Detonator Gel – AM
  • Priapus – AR

1. Alfa Power – Impotence is the cause of divorce

     a. Features of Alfa Power:

  • Contains completely plant-based ingredients,
  • No side effects, no addiction,
  • Restore metabolism
  • Excretes testosterone, dilates blood vessels,
  • Clear cholesterol deposition, eliminate prostate inflammation.

     b. Key benefits of Alfa Power:

  • Ensures a durable erection, increases libido, prevents premature ejaculation, enhances orgasm intensity, enhances orgasm time,
  • Restoration of sexual function in men,
  • Strong and consistent erections,
  • Increase intercourse time, intercourse time up to 2 hours,
  • Enhance sex drive
  • Improve sperm count,
  • Intense and prolonged orgasm.

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2. Alfa Lover – Restore new masculine power

     a. Effective new complex:

  • Treatment of erectile dysfunction,
  • Treatment of prostatitis,
  • Treatment of pain while urinating,
  • Treatment of premature ejaculation,
  • Low libido treatment,
  • Treatment of male hormone deficiency,
  • Male infertility treatment,
  • Anti-inflammatory prostatitis,

     b. Alfa Lover works in 3 directions:

  • Cleanses the genitourinary system, relieves pain and inflammation
  • Blood supply to the prostate gland, blood supply to the penis,
  • Testosterone production, main male hormone production,
  • Block bacterial activity, prevent prostatitis, disinfect prostatitis, reduce prostatitis, relieve prostate pain, relieve itching for 2 hours,
  • The pain when urinating is gone.

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3. Detonator Gel – Enlarge your boy instead of surgery

  • Enlarge your boy,
  • Enhance your boy potency,
  • Prolong erection time,
  • Increase testosterone levels, enhance spermatogenesis,
  • Increase sex drive, reduce time between sex, reduce recovery time,
  • More blood circulation, vigorous growth of tissues,
  • Increase blood circulation in organs,
  • Improves microcirculation in tissues,
  • According to pharmaceutical companies, in 98% of cases, the introduction of stem cells into the penis contributes to penis enlargement. In any case, such surgical interventions are quite painful and frighten many people. We have tried to overcome this by developing a stem cell-based product that does not require surgery.

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4. Priapus – Effective way to enlarge the boy

  • The following comments about Priapus were made:
  • Increase boy size, increase erection boy 3-7 cm,
  • Help intense orgasms, help men have more orgasms, increase the boy’s sensitivity, increase the boy’s libido,
  • Prolong sex time, increase sex time, woman enjoy sexual pleasure,
  • Helps to have intense erections, helps arousal to come quickly, helps erections to be maintained,
  • Big and thickened boy, fast erection, full erection, woman satisfaction, G-spot stimulation,
  • Increase sperm quality, increase sperm count,
  • Apply some gel on the boy before sex. You will immediately feel a great erection. You will also notice the boy getting bigger right after the first use. After applying this gel, your boy will be about 3-7 cm bigger. With regular use of this gel (at least a month), you will keep the results.

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