Aqua Disiac (IT) – Awaken the best passion!


Aqua Disiac is a product that increases sexual arousal immediately.

  • The effect comes after about 10 minutes.
  • Increase sexual arousal.
  • Prolonged orgasm.
  • Improve orgasm.
  • Increased sensitivity in certain areas of the body.
  • Increases natural lubricity.

Price: 59 EUR

1. Aqua Disiac perfume is based on pheromones.

  • Aqua Disiac is a powerful formula based on natural pheromones that will help you seduce even the most demanding of people!
  • The smell is so subtle that you won’t even smell the pheromone.
  • They are perceived by the brain at the subconscious level and Ensure the stimulation of receptors.

2. Suitable for women and men starting wanting sex

  • The pheromones in Aqua Disiac penetrate the skin and cross the blood-brain barrier, then act directly on the nerve receptors of the brain.
  • They relax, reduce stress and increase confidence.
  • Stimulates your body to increase production of natural pheromones – sex hormones, increasing your attractiveness in the eyes of others.
  • The product reaches the olfactory organ located in the nose of the potential partner. The moment it senses the pheromone, it sends a signal to your lower cortex, making your partner see you as sexually attractive.
  • With perfumes you will always be the center of attention. And thanks to the small size of the bottle, you’ll always be ready, whatever happens.

3. They experienced the effects of Aqua Disiac

    * Marc, 27 years old:

  • Now I understand what happened to me. I was mesmerized by these pheromones! It’s been 2 weeks since my neighbor came to my house with cupcakes, croissants and she even offered to iron my shirt.
  • When I look at her, I can hardly help but hug her. Yesterday she asked me if she smells good and told me she bought a new pheromone perfume.
  • I would never believe it, but after she left, I was stressed for 30 minutes.

    * Clare, 39 years old:

  • After the painful divorce, I just let myself go. It took me too long to catch myself again.
  • Two years after my divorce, I’m almost 40 years old and still single. No one wants me. I don’t know, what should I do. I bought Product and immediately saw the pheromone in action.
  • Men started asking me out on dates. They couldn’t take their eyes off me. That’s why I recommend Product to everyone.
  • Now I am happily married for the second time. I hope things will be better this time.

4. Dr. João Bastos, Expert in Sexology

  • Aqua Disiac is a great product. It helps to increase male and female libido and change sexual physiology for the better.
  • I recommend it to all my patients with sexual dysfunction and decreased libido.
  • I also recommend it to all couples who have problems due to lack of sex drive in men and women.

5. Tutorial

  • The product is produced in the form of a perfume.
  • Apply a thin layer to neck or wrists.
  • Works quickly.
  • Use 10-20 minutes before intercourse.
  • Designed to enhance attraction by increasing pheromone synthesis.

6. Customer Feedback

  • Jean Marc – 38 years old: I bought Product for my girlfriend. She herself is very shy and she is very shy whenever we talk about sex. When we made love, I felt like I was forcing her to do it. We have stopped trying new positions. I don’t want to break up with her because except for her personality, she is a perfect woman. I convinced her to use this trick and the results really surprised me. She was no longer a cold woman, she became very hot-tempered. I think we will get married.
  • Liliane – 42 years old: Our relationship is quite complicated. My husband and I get along very well, but sometimes he wants to have sex too. I didn’t pay attention. I focused on other things: Due to menopause, I had night sweats, hot flashes, and headaches. I just need to forget about all the tenderness in our relationship, especially when it can’t bring me happiness or satisfaction. Then I realized that my husband had lied to me that he was indifferent to his sex life. I ordered the Aqua Disiac, had no hope in that regard, and immediately noticed the changes, just like my husband. I completely forgot about my menopause and its symptoms after a month of treatment.
  • Kiara – 54 years old: I’ve had a lot of trouble in my sex life. I don’t feel sexually aroused, for me it’s an obligation. For this reason, I broke up with the man I love and have been with me for 6 years. He was really disappointed in my insensitivity to sex. I lived alone and had no hope of starting a new relationship for a long time. One day, a friend advised me to use Product and I realized for the first time that the libido was really worth it. Now my sex life has improved a lot and I have found my soul mate.

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