Erection Ball (MY) – Heirloom medicine for Men


Erection Ball – Goodbye fast ejaculation impotence!

  • Impotence, emaciation, kidney failure and diarrhea are soon wiped out!
  • Erection Ball help prolong sex more than 5 times.
  • Your boy is growing at least 40%.
  • Erection Ball help increase the frequency of sex by more than 5 times.
  • In just 2 days, the long lost erection is back, the erection speed is increased more than 10 times after stimulation, it can be said to move and enter the state quickly!

Price: 199 RM

1. Become the best man with Erection Ball!

  • Weeks 1-2: Erection lasts longer and the sensitivity of the penis will double. Erection speed increases more than 10 times after being stimulated. Extracted from pure plants and boiled with precious ingredients, it has the effect of basically regulating the physique, activating male hormones, enhancing libido.
  • Weeks 2-3: Impotence and diarrhea are soon eliminated, and time is greatly extended, from 3 minutes back to 20 minutes, 40 minutes! You can get an erection in minutes and enjoy an “orgasm” of sex like never before. Say no to diarrhea early: You’ll enjoy vaginal and anal sex.
  • Week 4 and up: Length and girth increase markedly, an average of 3-5 cm and 1-2 times increase. Orgasm is faster and can last 5-7 minutes longer! Increased stamina: You can easily have sex with many girls at the same time. Improve penile blood circulation, improve urinary frequency, restore prostate health. Nourish sperm, increase ejaculation quantity and frequency of ejaculation.

2. Restore men’s true color in a month

  • Impotence and diarrhea soon wiped out! It’s easy to have sex with multiple girls at once.
  • The thickness of the penis has increased by 60%, enhancing the hardness during erection.
  • The duration is longer and the sexual “orgasm” is more enjoyable. Erection Ball heirloom prescription for your woman to roar all night long!

3. What do customers say about Erection Ball?

    * Tang Dajin, 36 years old:

  • Because when I was young, I often flew by plane, leading to kidney failure, weakness, early diarrhea, and rapid ejaculation. This made my wife very unhappy with me, but ever since I bought and took the Shijia Bojin of Chinese Medicine, she now makes me work every night.
  • Not letting women down is the unshakable responsibility of men! At the same time, I also want to thank my teacher for her guidance.

    * Su Yongbao, 27 years old:

  • I’m 27 years old, always don’t obey orders, can’t get an erection, ejaculate very quickly, finally get an erection, my wife still can’t feel it when it comes out twice.
  • After taking the Erection Ball for just two weeks, the bottom is as hard as magic, which can last for about 30 minutes at a time. My wife said, “This medicine makes me look 20 years younger.”

    * Chen Junhai, 65 years old:

  • I’m 65 years old this year, it’s like an aubergine with frost and I can’t “lift my head” after a long time of tossing it.
  • After taking this medicine for only 5 days, my body felt hot, it lasted for more than 30 minutes, the pores in my body opened, I wanted to “xian” to die over and over again.
  • Now it’s still there, continue to take it, of course with the careful guidance of the master, the effect is phenomenal!

    * Luo Zheng, 41 years old:

  • I am 41 years old this year. 4 years ago, my prostate was dying and I couldn’t get a checkup twice a month. Since consulting with him and purchasing this Heirloom, I have been filled with energy and passion. Sometimes 2 times / night, each time flipping over and over for 30-60 minutes …
  • Great! I am very emotional: I have used a lot, but this traditional Chinese medicine is better!
  • Goodbye impotence and early diarrhea, kidney failure, rapid ejaculation, emaciation; “Heirloom medicine” exclusively for men.

4. What do experts say?

  • Many people now think that foreign goods are good, such as America, Africa, India, these things only take a while to come and go quickly. Used once, the intestines will be empty. The more you use, the better. , the less the better, … Time and hardness are both worse than before.
  • Traditional Chinese medicine remedies are handed down from generation to generation, tonic kidney and yang do not harm the kidney, aphrodisiac, in addition to improving the couple’s sex life, it also works to improve back pain, urinary frequency, urgency, prostatitis, chills, sweating, and fatigue.
  • Wait… Now I hope to help more people. If you also have problems such as premature impotence and diarrhea, kidney failure, long time no sex, insufficient erection, uncontrolled ejaculation, weak waist knees, frequent nocturia, etc..
  • I highly recommend the Chinese – Erection Ball’s secret pill, has the effect of curing impotence, tonic kidney and yang, can help you regain your manhood!

5. Why can’t the penis keep an erection for long?

  • Inability to get an erection for a long time is a condition that many men are facing today. This not only causes men to worry, stress and lose confidence in themselves. It also directly affects the quality of mental and sexual life.
  • There are many reasons why men face this situation. Including medical problems, psycho-emotional, lifestyle and other influencing factors.
  • Pathological causes:
    “Love” from 2 minutes to half an hour, the young couple received the good news of “2 lines” thanks to this secret!
    In my youth, when I was just a pony studying for an adult, I made a serious mistake. But luckily…
    This group of causes is more common in older men. Difficulty getting an erection is usually caused by disorders of the nerves and related blood vessels. And it is often the result of pathologies such as:
    Heart disease or atherosclerosis/hardening of the arteries
    High cholesterol or high blood pressure
    Having problems with liver and kidney function
    Multiple sclerosis
    Diabetes, Parkinson’s, obesity…
  • Psychological reasons:
    This group of causes can affect all ages. Including young men. Emotional problems can make it impossible for the penis to maintain a long-term erection. Specifically the following issues:
    Worrying about your own sexuality
    Stress, prolonged stress
    Depression, anxiety or depression
    Conflict in family and social relationships
    Why can’t men get an erection for long?
    Prolonged stress directly affects the erection of the penis
  • Lifestyle issues:
    The ability of the penis to have an erection is greatly influenced by a man’s lifestyle. Some bad habits can cause the penis to not last long. Eg:
    Abuse of alcohol
    Unscientific eating
    Smoking cigarettes regularly
    Lazy to exercise
  • Some other reasons:
    In addition to the above reasons, the ability of men to have an erection is also influenced by a number of other factors. Consists of:
    Trauma to the genitals or spinal cord
    Have been treated for prostate disease?
    Congenital defects in the genital organs
    Effects of beta-blockers, muscle relaxants, diuretics or antidepressants

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