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Lubian Ginseng Ball (MY) – You want to be a strong man?


Lubian Ginseng Ball – Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  • Goodbye kidney failure, premature ejaculation, impotence.
  • Your boy is growing at least 40%.
  • Continuous stimulation of orgasm.
  • Increase the frequency of intercourse more than 5 times.

Price: 199 RM

1. Advantages of Lubian Ginseng Ball

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No side effects
  • For everything
  • Not Addictive
  • The erection time is longer, and the sensitivity of the penis will be doubled. Erection speed increases more than 10 times after being stimulated!
  • Impotence and premature ejaculation have been eliminated, and the period is much longer, from 3 minutes back to 20 minutes, 40 minutes!
  • The length and circumference increase markedly, an average of 3-5 cm and 1-2 times more. Orgasms are faster and can last 5-7 minutes longer!

2. Men never want to admit it because:

  • 88% Men are ashamed of their penis size
  • 79% Will have difficulty in intercourse due to constant love problems
  • 93% of Men plan to prolong their sex

3. Causes of underdeveloped boy:

  • Inability to secrete testosterone
  • Congenital disease
  • Illness and trauma
  • Inheritance from father to son

4. How does lifestyle affect boy size?

  • An unhealthy diet can trigger the production of cholesterol plaques and prevent blood movement in the blood vessels of the corpus cavernosum, leading to tissue necrosis.
  • Alcohol and smoking will negatively affect blood circulation. Insufficient blood supply can cause penile tissues to begin to shrink.
  • Fatigue and constant stress impair the conduction of the nerves in the brain responsible for an erection. Over time, this will cause the penile tissues to atrophy.
  • The lack of testosterone has an adverse effect on the whole body, can cause the size of the penis to shrink and easily cause weight gain.

5. Special Skills Specialist in Traditional Chinese Medicine – solemnly declares:

  • Hello everyone, my name is Yin Yadong, and I am known as “Lao Yin”. I grew up in an environment filled with the scent of medicine. I have a solid background in the basic theory of Chinese medicine. After that, I obtained a master’s degree in internal medicine from Chinese medicine. Disorders, shortfalls, impotence, impotence, premature ejaculation, etc. have unique secret formulas, today I will lead you to find out!
  • The “Traditional Chinese Medicine Heirloom – Secrets of Lubian Ginseng Ball” revealed here is a collection of secret recipes and clinical experiences of my seven generations of traditional Chinese medicine family.
  • Lubian Ginseng Ball is a scientifically rigorous and clinically effective prescription. It’s not a folk remedy or a folk remedy that’s circulated on the internet by non-specialists! As long as you are persistent in doing it, the results will be good.
  • This is a treasure that has been kept secret for many years. Now, it has been decided to make it public for the sake of all species and to accumulate virtue.

6. Product Users say about Lubian Ginseng Ball:

  • Zhang Guofei / Shanghai, I really don’t regret trying the Lubian Ginseng Ball. My wife is very pleased with the results. Our one-time lives were three times longer than before, and the relationship was closer. I have complete confidence in myself. I just finished the third box. After the 6 boxes I ordered, I will definitely buy more, but they said that even if I stop drinking, the effects will continue so I will try it and tell everyone if this is true.
  • Porn star: My penis is not particularly small, but when a friend told me about Lubian Ginseng Ball, I wanted to try it. After drinking: My penis has become bigger! The most important thing is that I can continue having sex for a few hours! There is nothing better than this. Because my penis is so big, now women are chasing me.
  • User Xu Wenxuan: I am an introvert and shy person, and I was a virgin when I was 21 years old. I’m not handsome so no girls look at me, and I don’t dare go near them. Since I continued to use Lubian Ginseng Ball, my life has completely changed. I realized that looks don’t matter much. What matters is the size of the penis. In just a month, I saw the first results. Three months later, my penis has become bigger and unforgettable! I didn’t expect girls to care about this before, and I finally realized that this is all they want! The change started that wonderful night between me and a girl I met in English class, and then things spiraled out of control. Just as men love to talk about their love experiences, women love to talk about their sexual experiences. As a result, all the girls in our college started fantasizing about the size of my penis. Now I have unforgettable nights one after another…
  • Fengzhu Renjia: The masterpiece of a master of oriental medicine, does not irritate the intestines and stomach, after 1 week, it feels hot, numb and swollen, fission, and the penis is growing and developing, takes half, in about a month, the penis has grown more than 1 cm, the congestion is improved, and the thickness is also increased. It’s been 3 months now, my penis is 18 cm erect, after 1 hour of sex, …
  • Ye Zipiao: My boyfriend didn’t use it for long before he became so lewd, he only thinks about it every day. He has a strong sexual desire and almost every day he has to do it with me, sometimes when I am cooking or washing clothes, he keeps dragging me to bed regardless. But because his thing is big enough and long enough, I am also very happy, although our financial conditions are not very good, but as a woman, I am still very happy.

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