Viakore (TH) – Enhance your male sexual potential


Viakore – Tips to increase boy size for men – 7 cm in 1 week.

  • With mixed cordyceps hermitage root extract. Black Galingale Extract.
  • Enhance sexual stamina performance and dilate blood vessels.
  • Give your boy a long erection. Reduce premature ejaculation.
  • Improve the efficiency of semen to be strong.
  • Unleash your power and ferocity by safely and effectively increasing blood flow to your penis, helping to get an erection and help you please your woman.
  • Satisfy the cravings of an attractive woman and make her beg for your life while you’re on top of her.

Price: 990 Baht

1. Preliminary signs for symptoms of erectile dysfunction:

  • Premature ejaculation.
  • Slow ejaculation.
  • Not interested in sex.
  • Feeling tired easily during sex.
  • Your boy is small in size.

2. If left for longer will leave serious consequences for you:

  • You will begin to lose confidence in your masculinity and feel guilty for love that cannot give happiness.
  • Your love life will start to fade because the wife is completely fed up with you. The most serious is quitting.
  • If not rushed to recover soon it can lead to other complications in the future.
  • Do not delay to recover the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.
  • If this is your first time experiencing this problem. We are happy to help you!

3. Natural ingredients in Viakore help restore erectile function:

  • Red Kwao Kruea Extract: balances testosterone (Testosterone) stimulates blood circulation and dilates blood vessels and enhances male sexual performance.
  • Black Galingale Extract: Properties in the Thai medical text of black galangal. It is likened to a panacea, fortifying sex, increasing sexual performance. Increases blood flow to the smooth muscles of the genital area. Vascular muscles are well dilated.
  • Cordyceps Extract: Contains polyphenols, a testosterone-stimulating antioxidant. Nourishing the reproductive system, increasing spermatogenesis, there will be substances that help dilate blood vessels in the penis. This allows blood to get into the genitals better. As a result, the penis is easier to erect and does not affect other vascular risks. Same in the body.
  • Ginseng extract: helps to nourish the body and stimulate blood circulation. Stimulates a strong immune system and enhances the ability to make hormones to balance.

4. Why is cordyceps one of the most effective ingredients in the product?

  • “Thong Chao”, also known as the “Viagra of the Himalayas”, found in mountain grasslands, China (Tibet), Nepal and Bhutan, is known as a special plant that grows in the natural environment .
  • “Chao Tang” is considered an herbal medicine. It was widely used in China for many centuries. There are traditional properties widely used in China as a stimulant for erectile dysfunction and used to nourish the body. Nourish internal organs such as lungs, liver, kidneys, …
  • Modern technology has enhanced the properties of this legendary extract. Purifies and refines the composition of this herb so that it can be kept at its highest concentration.

5. Prof. Phadungkiat – Sex consultant

  • As experts, we recommend that men use Viakore products when they want to increase the size of their penis as well as restore sexual performance.
  • Viakore doesn’t risk surgery. It also has the effect of lengthening the penis and prolonging the intercourse time.
  • There are also cases where my wife and girlfriend contacted me for advice because they were not satisfied with their love life. But no one thinks to change the person they know, right? So I recommend using the product. Viakore, and sometimes quite surprised when they and their boyfriend/husband come back to thank me.
  • Viakore increases penis size by 5 to 9 cm on average and I myself have witnessed many other successful or similar cases, all my patients are more confident and comfortable.
  • This blend of 12 herbs will give you amazing results when you are an arousal man.
    I’m not talking about the new reincarnation that comes from the lab. (eg viagra)
  • The formula is all natural and allergy tested. Simple products are prepared from discovered herbs and valuable herbal extracts.
  • The effectiveness of the formula has been tested in many laboratories in many countries around the world and received positive feedback from users.
  • These herbs have been used for thousands of years in many parts of the world for the same purpose: to increase male attractiveness by increasing penis size and increasing erections.
    The highlight is that Viakore combines 12 rare and powerful herbs. Together to make you stronger The product formula is patented and cannot be disclosed for business reasons.
  • What is the best part? This product has no side effects! It’s all you need and… It’s what your partner wants!

6. Comment:

  • Jirayu Chanamon: I bought Viakore last month and now that I came across this blog, I had a chance to buy something discounted for another 2 months. My penis has grown 4cm in just one month. it was so unexpected I have bought many similar products to no avail and this is the only one that worked. Me and my friend keep testing it.
  • Apichat Jarukun: I bought this product to have a bigger penis. But it solved all my sexual problems. I no longer have irregularities or premature ejaculation. My penis has grown by 6 cm, unbelievable!
  • Jaravee Rungprai: I ordered Viakore for my girlfriend. Last year our sex life was not so good. After only a week of using it, we met again and it was like our first night. If you have problems with your bed, I advise you not to miss the opportunity to order this product.
  • Rungpop Panchai: This has helped us regain our fitness over the past few months. our wife is very happy our penis is bigger finally we are satisfied with the bed. Now it’s our wife’s turn to always ask for us. We see in her eyes an unusual lust. What a great feeling We recommend this product.

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