Xtraman Fizzy (SG) – THE WORLD NO. 1 OF ANIMALS


Xtraman Fizzy – Much older than before.

  • Expand your animal up to 40%.
  • Sexy size.
  • Increase sensation.
  • Increased sexual period.
  • Physical indicators increase steadily after using Xtraman Fizzy in both size and length.
  • Animal tissues can withstand more pressure, and thus increase the duration of relationship by 2-3 times.

Price: 49 SGD

1. Doctors’ opinions

    * Rachid Al Maghrabi – Urologist:

  • There are very few people aware of the official statistics because penis surgery is a taboo issue not to be addressed publicly. There are 10,000 men in the Middle East who annually increase the size and length of their penis through surgery.
  • We always warn that these surgeries expose them to health risks, since a network of nerve fibers penetrates the penile cavities. And when these cavities are damaged, some risks arise, including loss of feeling, painful erection and infertility.
  • Compared to surgery, Xtraman Fizzy do not cause any serious side effects. It stimulates the body to accumulate fatty tissue in the penis in a natural way.

    * Sayed El Nashar – Sexuality Expert:

  • The most sensitive part of the vagina is located at a depth of 2-3 cm. So the size of the penis plays a crucial role in satisfying the woman’s desire, not the length, as everyone thinks.
  • The bigger and more solid your penis is, the more your wife will be satisfied.
  • Moreover, the biggest penis stimulates the clitoris during sexual intercourse, thus enhancing the feeling and the effect of reaching orgasms several times.

2. Post by Antony:

    * The moment of truth:

  • I have written many times about the epic failure of my “little friend”. Unfortunately, I must admit that when I turned 47, my strength began to decline rapidly. In the beginning it was minor failures that sometimes occurred. You may be a god in your bedroom tonight but next night you will be nothing but an old man.
  • As I neared the age of 50, I ceased to be a man at all.
  • The awkward pauses during intercourse with my wife became more frequent (she’s 12 years younger than me, by the way, and she’s definitely not ready for this one). I started taking drugs that could improve my erection like Viagra and other similar drugs. However, they don’t work for you in the long run and can even harm your heart. So I only shoot them on “special occasions”.
  • The potency problems persisted for almost 4 years and I clearly remember the night when I firmly decided to do something because it couldn’t go on anymore. Either my penis will be as hard as iron or I won’t be a man anymore.

    * I need to find a solution…

  • Lying on the sofa in our living room, I feel resentment and frustration at the injustice in my life.
  • I spent several hours on various related forums and read about things like tablets, warming ointments (I almost died laughing. It is said that you have to put some ointment on your penis. and it will start to heat up causing irritation for you.I know ointments that work similar to joint creams to burn so much that you feel like you’re in hell!!!), etc. I didn’t trust them all.
  • As I was about to go to bed, I visited a famous porn site (with a bald guy. Those who know him must understand what site I am talking about). I think the website can save me from being as hard as I used to be when I was a kid. I noticed that this bald guy was promoting some carbonated tablets called Xtraman Fizzy …
  • After a few days the Xtraman Fizzy package was delivered to me. I have paid for it I hope that Xtraman Fizzy will give me the desired results …

3. People who have already tried Xtraman Fizzy!

  • JALAL, 26 years old: I never satisfied my wife’s desire and she always complained about it: she even asked me to find a solution for it, as my penis was too small! I was very upset and started thinking about various solutions. The best solution I was guided to was Xtraman Fizzy. It has been 3 weeks now, my penis has become much bigger and my wife has noticed it as well. She even began asking for more and more!
  • TAWFIQ, 30 years old: The difference is obvious. There is always room for improvement. The bigger the penis, the better. I did not want to risk my manhood, so I tried Xtraman Fizzy because it is safer and I got a good result, the size increased more than 3 cm. My wife immediately noticed this huge difference.
  • AHMED, 36 years old: Without xtraman, there was no sense in sexual intercourse, my sexual life was boring. We have been married for 8 years now and sexual intercourse has become a boring routine for us. In addition, women generally prefer a larger penis after giving birth. I tried Xtraman Fizzy to provide more excitement and pleasure during sexual intercourse. My wife says, she finally feels my penis. Now we have sex all the time. I ordered another package.
  • HAMDAN, 17 years old: Best product in terms of results.  I got married at the age of twenty, and my wife was 25 years old. My wife was married before, so I was afraid of not being able to satisfy her desire. I searched the forums for information about what the most experienced men used in this situation and many of them were advised to use Xtraman Fizzy. So I ordered it and my wife was thrilled!

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